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Payment security

All transactions on www.ballerinahosiery.eu use PayPal encrypted data transfer. It is one of the safest and most trusted payment platforms in the world.

When making a payment card in our store, you will be directed to use the PayPal platform, where you have an extra layer of security (encrypted connection). This is because all financial information (like credit card number) are securely stored and encrypted on PayPal servers, so there is no need to provide us with your financial information.

In addition, all paypal transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a dedicated team of security professionals. Their task is to identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions.

If you ever notice a transaction on your account that you have not authorized, report it immediately to your bank.

Secure online payment:

• Keep in mind that credit card offers greater protection against fraud than any other method.

• Carefully check all the details before confirming payment.

• Before entering your payment details on the website, make sure that the connection is secure, in three ways:

  • The padlock symbol should be present in the frame bar of your browser on the page where you make payments
  • The web address should start with "https://". "S" stands for "secure".
  • If you are using the latest version of the browser address bar or the name of the owner of the site will change to green.

• Check the privacy policy on the website.

• After completing transaction always log out of the place in which you made payment, just closing  your browser is not enough to give you privacy.

• Keep receipts for all transactions - electronic or other.

• Check carefully the bank statements and credit card payment exactly to make sure that you were debited the correct amount

• Make sure that you have an effective and updated antivirus / antispyware and firewall turned on before going online.

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