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Buyer's Guide

We love beautiful hosiery and truly believe that this is one of the most enjoyable things you can buy and receive as a gift.

Choice of tights and stockings is huge these days, but we hope that our guide may make the choice a little easier. When you buy, you may want to pay attention to the following parameters:

Thickness (Denier)

Technically denier relates to the weight (i.e. the thickness) of yarn, which hosiery is made of, (1 den means that 9000 m of yarn weigh 1 gram). In general, the lower the denier, the more transparent look and a more delicate tights. Some products, however, may give the impression that they are more transparent than implied by their den - this is good news, because it means that the product is stronger than it looks!

Ultra sheer: less than 10 den

Ultra thin hosiery are perfect to achieve the effect of bare legs. Available in a wide variety of den and shades. Most of the ultra-thin tights and stockings not reinforced toe area, which are suitable to be worn with open-toed shoes.

Sheer: 10-20 den

Sheer tights and stockings are needed in the every woman’s drawer. Designs are available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses and finishes. Because they have a little bit higher denier are more practical for everyday use. We offer some beautiful tights and stockings in 20 den in very elegant style.

21-40 semi-den

The hosiery is stronger and more durable than the lower den. Leg will be more covered but still visible.

Opaque: 41 and over

These tights, stockings give legs a complete coverage. We also offer great opaque tights on cooler days.


Tights  are usually chosen by the size, weight, waist. The length of the foot and crotch height will be needed when buying stockings.  It’s quite important to get the size right.

If you choose stockings too small, could be that:

a) the stocking is too stretched which may cause the lace collars to snap,

b) stockings quickly rip around the toes,

c) it will not look elegant and will be very uncomfortable.

If you choose stockings too big they may wrinkle.


It might be helpful to answer the following questions:

1. What occasion are these stockings / tights for?

• the bedroom

• weekend away-to be worn during the day

• the evening party / function

• a special occasion (i.e.wedding)

2. What style would look good?

• rich pattern

• subtle pattern

• lace

• with seam

• classic

3. What style will be the whole creation, which stockings / tights are going to complement?

4. In black or the more natural tones?

5. Garter stockings and hold ups are perfect for intimate moments and romantic occasions.

6. Choosing the size is very important, but not difficult. Sizes are available on each product page, you can also look at our tables sizes for stockings and tights.

7. If you are still hesitating, we recommend the hold-ups 20 DEN from our Amouss collection. They are beautiful, original, desirable, women love them, men cannot take their  eyes off them, they are also the perfect romantic gift!


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